Directions to Enlow Fork, site of the Wildflower Walk

Alternate directions from Pittsburgh and points North:

Take I-79 south to I-70 west at Washington, Pa. Get off I-70 west onto Route 40 east. Turn right onto Franklin Farms Road just past Washington Crown Center. After a mile or so, you’ll make a right onto Route 18 south.

Follow Route 18 south through Prosperity and Old Concord into Greene County. About a mile after you enter Greene County, Route 18 makes a very sharp curve to the left at Beulah Church. Make a right onto the road where there’s a sign pointing to Ryerson Station State Park (be careful not to take the first right turn) just before the cemetery. Follow that road to Graysville (there is a point where the main road goes to the right, so be sure to stay on that).

When you come to a T in Graysville, make a right on an unnamed street and look for the signs that point to Route 21 west. Take Route 21 west for a couple miles toward Wind Ridge. Right before Wind Ridge, make a right onto Nebo Ridge Road (there is a farmhouse here on the right with stone siding on it).

Follow Nebo Ridge Road for several miles. The road will make a sweeping curve to the left and you’ll come to a group of houses (old cars and junk lying around). Turn right onto Walker Hill Road. Go about 1/8th mile, make a sharp left onto Smoky Row Lane (formerly a rugged dirt road; paved in 2014!). at the sign for the state game lands; follow that to down the hill, through an S curve at the coal mine facility, then onto Enlow Fork. Go as far as you can go till you come to a gate and parking lot. Do not stop at the first lot on the left or you'll have a few hundred yards of walking to do.

Alternate directions from Morgantown, W.Va., and points south and east:

Take the Waynesburg exit off I-79 and get on Route 21 west. After about a mile, Route 21 merges with U.S. Route 19 north. Follow that into and through Waynesburg. Be sure to stay on Route 21 west.

Where Route 21 meets Route 18, they merge: Take Route 21 west/Route 18 south. Follow that for about six miles to the far side of the village of Rogersville. About a mile beyond Rogersville, Route 21 west continues straight. Follow Route 21 west.

Route 21 eventually leads to Graysville (not sure of mileage). In Graysville, pick up the above directions to Enlow Fork.

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