The Enlow Fork Wildflower Walk page!

The walk and nature events are sponsored by the Wheeling Creek Watershed Conservancy

The 2023 Enlow Fork Wildflower Walk:

Sunday, April 30!

Enjoy some photos from past wildflower walks.

Find us! Some driving directions to the site.

Now: A general locator map so you can see the approximate area in which Enlow Fork lies. You'll see it is close to Pennsylvania's western border with West Virginia, also known as the Ellicott Line.

Remember, Enlow Fork is part of state Game Lands 302, so hunting always is a possibility at any time of year. Always follow state Games Lands rules and regulations.
Do NOT pick the flowers!!

Come take a walk on a Sunday to enjoy the flora and fauna of the Enlow Fork area.

Remember: Greene County is THE place to be!

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